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We Specialize in Ranking Pool Businesses in the Google 3 Pack as Well as in Multiple Cities in Google Search Results


These days the yellow pages are a thing of the past; today’s customers will begin their search for you by Google. A Google Business Profile account gives you more than a business listing. It helps you to interact effectively with your customers. In virtually all cases, you have interacted with a Google Business Profile while searching for a company or business on Google.

Google visibility is crucial for every business today. Businesses are often unaware that apart from their websites they also need to optimize Google Business Profile listings.

This listing is a powerful picture of your business listing and lets potential customers know what makes you unique and help them find, learn about, and contact you immediately, it is one of the easiest ways to display important information about your business and will increase your local presence.

Online searches for local businesses and nearby one’s account for approximately 97% of all consumer searches.
Using your Google Business Profileas a business owner, you can increase traffic and sales. Customers who find a brand through their Business Profile are up to 50% more likely to purchase or trust it. Bring your company to potential customers’ attention when it matters most.

A Google Business Profile listing is the very first thing your potential customer will see when they are searching for your business on Google. Stay ahead of your competitors! Stand out, attract attention, and influence customers.  

A Google Business Profile can help you:

  • Display as a result in Google Maps
  • Gain the trust of your customers
  • You gain credibility by getting reviews
  • Engage your audience
  • Make yourself stand out from the competition

    Based on the statistics, it will be clear why Google My Business is so crucial for business success.

    Consumers search for local and nearby businesses online approximately 97% of the time.

    93% of searches with a local intent display Google’s 3 pack local results first.

    Lastly, Google searches for local information make up almost half of all searches.

There are three results displayed at the top of the page Google's 3 pack system.

When a potential Swimming Pool Customer searches specific terms, your business should appear among the top 3 results.

Utilize Google Business Profile Ranking and Management Services to get the most out of Google Search and get more leads. Your branded pool company search results will dominate when you gain the competitive edge you need.
You can transform your listing into a lead-generating machine with our Google Business Profile  marketing team!

Google’s inherent trust and reputation mean that whenever your business is displayed in a local search, you benefit as prospective clients are more likely to trust your pool company.
Using Google Business, you can build an online presence for your pool company that is thorough and responsive.

Your branded search results will dominate when you gain the competitive edge you need. Make your Google Business Profile listing a high-performing, lead-generating tool with the help of our team of pool business ranking experts!


Your Pool Company Needs the Special Sauce

Common procedure to rank higher on Google Maps means:

  • Claim and verify your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing
  • Fully complete your GBP listing
  • Ensure your GBP category is accurate
  • Add lots of high-quality photos
  • Acquire relevant Google reviews
  • Make posts regularly 

Your competitors know and perform the preceding factors above so all things being equal you need an edge to rank in the 3 pack.

But like all Google ranking, the competition gets more difficult all the time. The more competition in your niche the more specialized knowledge is required to succeed.
 Remember there are only 3 spots available on first page of Google Business Profile results.
There are also Local SEO factors on your website that that affect your GBP rankings.

That's Where We Come In!

Below is a new clients GBP ranking  before we started working. This is about a 100 square mile area around their business address.

Here they are 3 months later after we worked on their website and GBP listing. A green circle with a 1, 2 or 3 is first page 3 pack.

Below are examples of some of our pool company clients Google Business Profile first page rankings!

We Also Are Experts in Multi-City Ranking

Would you like your Pool Business to rank on the first page for other cities outside of your business city?

Here is a client that ranks on the first page for cities from Key West to north of Daytona Beach

1,342 First Page Rankings

232 First Page Multi-City Rankings

410 First Page Multi-City Rankings

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